Mission Statement:

Our goal is to support food banks by helping them set up Gluten Free sections to serve their clients. We help train the staff and source gluten-free items within their donations. IM if you would like help setting up a Gluten Free section at your food bank.

1 in 100 Americans has Celiac Disease. The only known treatment is strict adherence to a Gluten Free diet.

We currently have sections in:
JCS Kosher Food Bank, North Miami Beach, FL
Ruth & Norman Rales JFS Jacobson Food Pantry, Delray Beach, FL

About the Founder:

Aaron Kredi


Aaron was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2007 at the age of 7. Since then he has worked

hundreds of hours advocating and aiding newly diagnosed children in the South Florida area

with the Celiac Disease Foundation. For the newly diagnosed, especially children, it can be

quite traumatic to change their diet to be strictly gluten-free. It impacts the entire household

and the person’s way of life.

Aaron visited the Jewish Community Services Kosher Food Bank at a young age and noted that

there were few choices for individuals diagnosed with celiac disease. He decided that he would

tackle this void. Aaron asked if he could create a gluten-free section of the food bank. He

started by asking friends and family to donate gluten-free items. He later set up a personal

fundraising page with the JCS Kosher Foodbank. All funds raised were used to purchase gluten-free

food and set up a gluten section in the kosher food bank.